MEMO-031112-A – “SILENCE”

More than 3700 people gathered for a moment of silence on Facebook today to commemorate the 11 year anniversary of the Higashi Nippon Tsunami and Earthquake of March 11th 2011.

The event started 2:46pm where participants where ever they are would stop for 11 minutes of Silence to remember the earthquake victims.  Facebook gathered about 3700 people RSVP’d to participate in this event at the moment it started. A amazingly people were still joining the event after it was over to show their support along with posting their thoughts on the event page wall.

The event page on Facebook:!/events/135847496538265/

“…This was a momentous occasion. I cannot thank you enough for participating in this moment of Silence.
Thank you so much. Nothing to can replace this feeling I have for Japan and the motivation I have to move forward and continue our support in Tohoku. I especially thank the people who are up to their knees in mud and trash everyday during the clean up operations in the north. You guys are the best! ”

–dwayne wayne Founder of Rescue Japan


Update Field Report:

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Arrived to Kesennuma just after 17:00 JST 2/16/2012

We were guided to the temporary housing community in middle of the urban district of Kesennuma, (Makinohara) and another temporary housing community (Akaiwa Makinohara), a temporary housing community where 36 of 56 family units are the solitary elderlies, but is isolated from urban area and public transportation.

In Akaiwa Makinohara half of the water pipes are frozen and they cannot use water, and the floor is very cold so Futon is not enough to bear the cold. Sometimes condensation occurs and Futon gets moldy. So this time we bought 20 mattresses for them.

The area of the room for 1 family in the community is about 6.5 square meters. Non-emergency items needed at the present are sewing machines, washing machines and air purifiers.

They said Kesennuma city government does follow-up measures providing space heaters etc. Also providing housing where needed. However everything from the city is leased not issued or donated. They can keep leased items (in their narrow rooms) until the lease period is over. Most cities give supplies away to their citizens, but not in Kesennuma. We are not sure as to why at the moment.

We talked to 4 local volunteers in Kesennuma, who shared their experiences from 3/11/2012 and they were almost crying while speaking to us.

Rescue Japan and GPOP relief organizations plan to do provide future Aid support and events for this community.


They are working in cooperation with GCEJRAM

Their Sendai-based partner is located at:
一般社団法人 東日本復興支援機構

“General Corporation East Japan Reconstruction Assistance mechanism.”

1-30-14 Minaminakayama
Izumi-ku Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture






February 16 Aid Delivery into Ishinomaki
Our team arrived in Ishinomaki Thursday afternoon February 16th to deliver items requested by the community center:
〒986-0025 石巻市湊町3-6-19 石巻中央公民館湊分館
Ishinomaki chuo kouminnkann minatocho bunnkann 3-6-19 minatocho ishinomaki 986-0025

Diapers, Hand Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, refrigerators and tooth brushes were delivered for local residences.

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TEAM HEART SAVER for Kessenumma Delivery
This is a report from their last delivery – visiting 8 temp housing communities in Kessunuma as well.

2/16/2012 Delivery Item Listing:

The goods requested for their delivery are:

★ Glutinous Rice Cakes
– Rice
– Instant Rice
– General Microwavable food
– various canned or bottled foods
– Sweets
– Dried or preserved foods,
* All with a shelf life with at least 6 months remaining.

★ daily consumables
– Toothpaste, toothbrushes
– Shampoo and conditioner
· Laundry detergent
– Kitchen detergent
– Soap
– Saran Wrap, aluminum wheels
– Toilet paper, tissue paper <
– Plaster, swab


They are working in cooperation with GCEJRAM

Their Sendai-based partner is located at:
一般社団法人 東日本復興支援機構

“General Corporation East Japan Reconstruction Assistance mechanism.”

1-30-14 Minaminakayama
Izumi-ku Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture


Rescue Japan will assist in assessing how families with infants are in the temp-housing locations they speak of in this request, determine if the families need the diapers we have in storage from P&G, also determine what other items we have on hand they can use for this March 3rd and 4th scheduled delivery, and assist in transport if necessary.  In the meantime an emergency transport will depart from Tokyo Thursday February 16th to deliver emergency priority items from the list above.  The transport is scheduled to go directly to the Temporary housing community in question in Kesennuma.




Earth Day Market

Rescue Japan is supporting the Earth Day Market program spearheaded by Fukutobiren who sells products made in Fukushima to Tokyo residents and sends the profits back to merchants in Fukushima. This program is designed to stimulate the economy in Fukushima.


Fukutobiren (福飛連)
We were contacted by a member of the Fukutobiren group asking for storage space to store excess goods left over from the Earth Day Market program. We are now helping to secure the good for them at our Kachidoki facility which was given to Rescue japan in April of 2011 by the Quraz company to assist in the storage of AID Supplies for our Tohoku Relief program.  We are proud to help the merchants of Fukushima.


Rescue Japan joined GPOP to host a Christmas Party in Iwaki for the victims of the Onahama and Yotsukura area. They traveled from their temporary housing units to the Fujima Junior High School.

A little over 650 people came out to enjoy a Christmas celebration on December 24th, where GPOP and Rescue Japan arranged to have food, gifts, kids drawing boards, a 4 meter Christmas Tree, tons of chicken donated by Family Mart, tons of supplies like diapers, hand soaps, sanitary gels, kids clothing, toothbrushes, and shavers and finally a splashing performance by Japanese artist Sunplaza Nakano Jun.

It is days like this one that make Rescue Japan very proud to be apart of a relief program that puts smiles on the faces of earthquake victims. It is a unique relief program that doesn’t just give away Aid supplies, but ensures an atmosphere of uplifting spirits and energy to help people cope with the reality of their changing world.

TV news:

Online articles of Fukushima Minyu:

Fukushima Broadcasts:


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Items Distributed:

25 Boxes of Large Boy Diapers
25 Boxes of Large Boy/Girl Diapers
25 Boxes of Medium Diapers
25 Boxes of Small Diapers (infant sizes)
100 Boxes of Baby Wipes
133 boxes of Hand/Body Soap (3×6 per unit)
200 Boxes of Sanitary Hand Gels (4×24 per Unit)
800 Toothbrushes (11 Boxes)


男児用おむつ(大) 25箱

男女両用おむつ(大) 25箱

おむつ(中) 25箱

おむつ(幼児用) 25箱

赤ちゃんおしりふき 100箱

ハンド・ボディーソープ(各3×6個) 133箱

手の消毒ジェル(各4×24個) 200箱

歯ブラシ 800本 11箱

Diaper are provided by Proctor and Gamble, Japan
Toothbrushes, Hand/Soaps and Sanitary Gels are provided by Hills/Colgate Co. Japan

おもつはP&G Japanの提供によるものです。



Relief Request Document # 122411

Event: Christmas Party and End of Year celebration event December 24th.

Location:  Fujima Junior High School (Public)
970-0103,  Aza Sengakubo 76 Taira Fujima, Iwaki City, Fukushima



イベント:クリスマスパーティーと年末祝いイベント 12月24日


福島県いわき市平藤間字千ケ久保76 970-0103


Supplies Required:

25 Boxes of Large Boy Diapers

25 Boxes of Large Boy/Girl Diapers

25 Boxes of Medium Diapers

25 Boxes of Small Diapers (infant sizes)

100 Boxes of Baby Wipes

133 boxes of Hand/Body Soap (3×6 per unit)

200 Boxes of Sanitary Hand Gels  (4×24 per Unit)

800 Toothbrushes (11 Boxes)

Diaper are provided by Proctor and Gamble, Japan

Toothbrushes, Hand/Soaps and Sanitary Gels are provided by Hills/Colgate Co. Japan



男児用おむつ(大) 25箱

女児・男児おむつ(大) 25箱

おむつ(中) 25箱

おむつ(小) 25箱(幼児用)

赤ちゃんのおしりふき 100箱

ハンド・ボディソープ 133箱(各3×6)

手の消毒ジェル 200箱(各4×24)

歯ブラシ 800個(11箱)


おむつはP&G Japanによって提供されたものです。



Iwaki 2nd City Middle School, Iwaki Fukushima

澤 井 史 郎(Shirou Sawai)
〒972-8321, 福島県いわき市常磐湯本町上浅貝10
TEL 0246-42-2376(学校)
FAX 0246-42-2416

For inquires on this RRD please contact:

English or Japanese is ok


このRRDに関するお問い合わせは までお願いいたします。




Interagency Directive Field Operations 2011.11.19.00012AIW

FOA Request Takidashi (Outdoor  Event) Iwaki , Japan pref: Fukushima



Port Yotsukura Roadside Station


5-218-1 Aza Yotsukura-Cho Iwaki-City, Fukushima (on Route 6)


Rescue Japan Events Program

We organized and held an event at the Port Yotsukura Roadside Station in Iwaki where 400+ residents of the Onahama and Yotsukura area currently living in a temporary housing community.  We brought barbecue grills, and cooking supplies, along with food and tea, water and many supplement Aid supplies that were giving out after the guests had lunch.

レスキュージャパン イベントプログラム


Over 30 volunteers were helping to make this event a success including volunteers from GPOP, Not just mud project, SMS project and local Iwaki volunteers. The event was organized by fonder of Rescue Japan Dwayne Wayne. His assistant on this project was Miyuki Sugihara of GPOP.  The event was sponsored by GPOP, Rescue Japan and Yumoto Iwaki 2nd City Middle School (福島県いわき市立湯本第二中学校).

GPOPやマッドプロジェクト、SMSプロジェクト、またいわき市からのボランティアを含む30名を超えるボランティア参加者がこのイベントを成功に導きました。このイベントはレスキュージャパンの創設者、Dwayne Wayneによって企画されました。また、GPOPのMiyuki Sugiharaが彼のアシスタントとしてプロジェクトに参加しました。このイベントはGPOP、レスキュージャパン、福島県いわき市立湯本第二中学校の支援によって開催されました。

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Thank to everyone who made this event possible.

Rescue Japan is now working close with sponsors like GPOP to organize a Christmas Party for this Iwaki community.

If you are interested in helping contact our staff right away.




Ref# RRD-110411-A
AID DELIVERY Transport Record RRD-110411-A
Toshihiko Fujita - 〒986-2135, 宮城県石巻市渡波黄金浜108-1, Miyagi ken Ishinomaki Shi Watanoha Koganehama 108-1
Koganehama Community Center
The Supplies are for the Kazuma Kindergarten School in Ishinomaki. 
石巻市立鹿妻小学校  986-0043, 宮城県 石巻市, 鹿妻北2丁目2-1(photos below)
Letter from one of the volunteers in Ishinomaki, Mike Connolly:
"...Mr. Fujita's doing awesome work. He's really been a role model. Last week, we helped dig out a lot,
where he was going to install a bath unit - for Volunteers!! As well as local residents.
I encountered a man who was living among tsunami mud, and Fujita stepped in to take charge of the case
right away.  The RJ donations are definitely finding good homes thanks to him. "    - Mike Connolly

Mike Connolly「フジタさんは大変すばらしい活動をしています。彼は私たちのロールモデルであった。

Supply Delivery:
Large Diapers - box # 713 - Qty 10 Boxes
Large Diapers - box # 661 - Qty 10 boxes
Baby Wipes - box # 554 - Qty 10 boxes
Hand Soap - Qty 10 Boxes
Hand Sanitizers - Qty 50 Boxes
Box tissues 10pc  x 75
Toilet paper 18r  x 54
Powdered detergent 1.5kg 2pc  x 29
洗濯の粉洗剤 1.5キロ2パックを29セット
Paper towel 12r  x 8
ペーパータオル 12ロールを8セット
Kitchen detergent 240z 3pc  x 28
キッチン洗剤 240ml3パックを28セット

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Update-101511-A, Iwaki Relief program

Rescue Japan along with GPOP NPO, took a trip into Iwaki guided by registered Rescue Japan Driver Miyata-san from Yokohama, we took in 7 volunteers to help out.  

レスキュー・ジャパンとGPOP NPOは、レスキュー・ジャパン登録ドライバー、横浜に住むミヤタさんの運転でいわき市へと向かいました。

Global Mission: A support center located not far from the Iwaki city government center also has a local relief program where we have delivered diapers (P&G), hand sanitizers, hand soaps and toohbrushes (Hills Colgate) for distribution.

グローバル・ミッション:いわき市の市役所から近くのサポートセンターは、地元の救済プログラムを行っています。私たちは、そこからオムツ(P&G)、手の消毒液、石鹸や歯ブラシ(Hills Colgate)を援助品として配布しました。

Iwaki Yumoto Second City Middle School: The principal Sawai-san asked us to leave men’s and women’s underwear there for local distribution.  Sawi-san took us to the housing complex about 30 minutes drive from his school where we saw 700 houses in one area.  There are families from 2 to 5 people in each house.  We delivered 20 cases of water that was donated from Quraz.


Rescue Japan is also helping to design and implement a PC network at the Iwaki Yumoto Second City Middle School, and install 2 computer labs for students there. We have some support from GPOP for this project but are seeking additional sponsors and support for this project.  Please contact us for details

レスキュー・ジャパンはいわき市立湯本第二中学校で、生徒たちのためにパソコン室を2部屋設置すること、またパソコンのネットワークをデザイン、実装するための援助をしています。現在、GPOPからのサポートを受けていますが、私たちはこのプロジェクトを実現するためのさらなるスポンサーやサポートを募集しています。興味をお持ちの方は までご連絡ください。


November 19th Rescue Japan will host a takadashi at this housing community where approximately 1000 people will be served. We will have prize give-aways, live DJ and plenty of free aid relief for the residents of this community.


For information on how you can help or contribute please contact

支援の参加に興味がある方は までご連絡ください。

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Inventory taken to Iwaki Saturday October 15th:

P&G Diapers: IC#750 Lg. Diapers 10bx.
P&G Diapers: IC#554 Baby Wipes 10bx.
P&G Diapers: IC#639 Sm. Diapers 5bx.
P&G Diapers: IC#746 Sm. Diapers 5bx.
P&G Diapers: IC#7373 Sm. Diapers 15bx.
P&G Diapers: IC#713 Md. Diapers 10bx.
Hills/Colgate: IC#1078 Toothbrushes 10bx.
Hills/Colgate: IC#661 Hand Soap 20bx.
Hills/Colgate: IC#649 Sanitizer 100bx.
Quraz: Bottled Water 20cs.
GPOP: Men/Women Underwear 10bx.

10月15日いわき市 支援品リスト




オムツ小IC#639 5箱

オムツ小IC#746 5箱







ボトル入り飲料水 20箱


男性用・女性用下着 10箱


Rescue Japan Field Ops Team